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Road Safety Survival
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TOPIC: Road Safety Survival

Road Safety Survival 06 Apr 2012 17:37 #1679

  • Linda
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My company is now having a Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Campaign for a period of 3 months. So far we have had series of health talks, environment talks, blood donation drive and today we had talk on Road Survival. This talk was conducted by Captain K.Balasupramaniam, the founder of Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association (MVFRA). For further details on this group, please surf their website www.mvfra.org
The talk was for 3 hours and it was very very good, beneficial and full of knowledge – so much so time seems to fly so fast. He has imparted a lot of knowledge on what to do and what not to do if you are involved in an accident, or to help victims of accidents. He has shared some of his many experiences in rescuing work. A lot of rather disturbing photos and footages are shown – not to frighten us, but to open our eyes on the importance of seatbelts, being alert on the road, the importance of active co-pilot etc etc.

During his talk, he has mentioned a few very important items that we should have in our vehicle at all time :-

a) Collapsible Emergency Traffic Cone or Super Flare Emergency 9 in 1 Safety Light (this is much better since it has a running light which would be more effective and it is crash-proof ie if a lorry ran over it, it would still be intact).

b) Fire Extinguisher – the weight depends on the size of your vehicle – if a small/normal car sized, a 1kg would be sufficient, however if your vehicle is bigger, ie MPV, a 2kg fire extinguisher would be recommendable.

c) Emergency First Aid Kit – this is a must thing to have in any car, must make sure it is well stocked with the essential items. When selecting Band-Aid, please choose the fabric rather than the plastic as the fabric Band-Aid can act as a temporary stitch for an open wound on each edge of the opening, so that it will stop from further tearing of the skin. To do this, bend the Band-Aid, cut diagonally on each side on the padded side and place the Band-Aid on each end of the wound opening. Then rush to the nearest hospital for proper medical treatment.

d) Emergency Rescue Hammer or Life Hammer – this item should be placed in your vehicle glove compartment or console box. It has a few great rescue functions – to cut off seatbelts, to smash the window, flashlight, beacon light. Below are the features of the Life Hammer with Panic button:

1. Hammer head with hardened steel points to shatter vehicle window.
2. Razor-sharp blade to cut through seat belt easily.
3. Flashlight function.
4. With flashing function which giving out signals of endangered.
5. Built in magnet, could be attached firmly to any iron objects
6.9 red-lighted LED
7. Brightness: 3000-5000mcd
8. Single Lighting LED,
9. Energy saving, 48 hours with Lighting LED only, 36 hours with flashing LEDs only
10. Using 2 AA battery
11. This unit comes with build in Panic Alarm

e) Keychain Life Hammer – this is a smaller version of the above to be attached to your car key ring. This is with only 2 functions – a concealed razor-sharp blade and the hardened steel point.

f) Complete Car Tools – your carjack is a very very useful tool for rescue mission. If in an accident, the victim is trapped inside the car, and his/her legs are pinned down, immediately take the carjack out, place it firmly – secure each side of the carjack with shoes or rubber mat to make sure that it will not slide or move out of its position while you extended the carjack to pry the victim out of the car. Securing each side of the carjack with shoes or rubber mat is very important even if when you need to change tyres etc and NEVER go under your vehicle at any time. There have been cases whereby carjack slides off from its position and resulting the car to come on top of the person. Include good masking tape in your toolbox as well. This will help you in case your windscreen shatters while you are driving, so you could secure the cracks to stop it from spreading, or you could tape the edging of your windscreen frame to avoid flying shards of glasses. If you have to drive with your broken windscreen, take a t-shirt and make yourself a facemask out of it, and use your sunglasses to cover your eyes. If while driving with this face mask on, should a police car drives past, make sure you lower down the face mask and points your broken windscreen! And make sure – go directly to your destination, do not stop at any petrol station with this face mask on – you might be mistaken as a robber!

g) Disposable Poncho – this might look petty, but it is quite important in case of emergency. This can be easily bought and quite cheap. May be you could have a few in your vehicle just in case you came across any accidents or car broke down with a whole family being stranded by the roadside and rain is about to come or pouring down. This also serves as your seat cover – who knows you might need to rush an injured person to the hospital, your car seat will be protected by this poncho.

There are a lot of other tips and knowledge that Capt Bala shared with us this morning and it is an eye-opener to all of us. Sometimes we tend to be the spectator only – which is not helping anyone. In case of accidents, what we know and do it correctly is very important. And time is our enemy in times like these. Please, if you have the chance to garner any safety knowledge, please do so. Think of the lives that you might be able to save in the future.
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Re: Road Safety Survival 06 Apr 2012 22:09 #1680

  • MyZafira
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Thanks to my wife... I think now I more on this safety first .... they also have the road safety marshall club ... going to join them ..... if more members in OPZON I don't mind to arrange this and affiliate with them but not at the moment . This is a good program and I believe everyone should have a bit of safety survival knowledge ... I will update anything regarding this.... others want to join me let me know....


Re: Road Safety Survival 19 Apr 2012 15:13 #1699

  • MyZafira
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Just bought this 2 items for RM60 . Keep inside the car for safety measure.

The key chain very small but very sharp razor that can cut the safety belt.The life hammer very useful when emergency.

The life hammer have the magnet on the bottom and can stick to our car perfectly. Also have this strobe light for emergency use.

This life hammer also have emergency sound to notify about any emergency.....

Anyone want to buy this items can buy from me with the same price that I bought . Also I will give free one life hammer to my existing UT clients who renew their investment and also to the new client.
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