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KD-Hatyai-Krabi ~ 2008
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TOPIC: KD-Hatyai-Krabi ~ 2008

KD-Hatyai-Krabi ~ 2008 31 Dec 2011 12:45 #1524

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Post subject: KD-Hatyai-Krabi 10/10/08-14/10/08 Posted: 11 Oct 2008 00:32

My trip to northen....i will update with the picture later.....

On 10/10/2008 moving from KD to Bukit Kayu Hitam....journey time 0750-1430 plus stopping for breakfast & fill up fuel also fill up form and imigration parts...reach Hatyai 1630 malaysia time 1530 thailand time....will update more later....driving speed from 110-140km/h max due to Thule on the top....boring gila tak leh laju....

p.s. this message from Lee Garden Hotel Hatyai....1231am

Post subject: Posted: 11 Oct 2008 23:40

After 3.5hrs journey estimate 300+km from Hatyai to Krabi.... i reach krabi town and headed to Duangjai resort at Ao Nang Beach...here late 1hr from malaysia time...roughly from Kota Damansara to Krabi town 850km....to Duangrai resort at Ao Nang beach another 20km....i will update later with the picture....airsoft here i come....heheheheh btw we not going to Songhkla we proceed to Krabi direct..raining heavily before reach Krabi..Hatyai-patthalung-trang-Krabi route Highway 4.....

Post subject: Posted: 12 Oct 2008 23:02

2nd day in Krabi..3rd day in Thailand...today went to 4 island in Krabi....beautiful scenery..blue sea water...very nice...pic?wait.....the story will come after i coming back to KL with most of the picture that i took...tommorow Phi-Phi Island trip.....emmm just want to share....today i fill up myZafira with thailand petrol..so went to this Shell station in Krabi town..as ussual language barrier like chicken & duck talk....here they using ron91 and ron95 ..the price perghhhhhh more than V-power for ron95....i so confused when the pump attendance told me the type of petrol...he said one is Bensin and one is gasoline..so i garu kepala call bro Arif padang besar which fuel to use?....he said ron91 for his optra is ok...but i don't want to take the risk fill up 30litre of bensin ron95 price bath1016 = RM110.00.....bensin ?gasoline?my idea gasoline is minyak tanah lahhh...hahahahahah the bensin is petrol lerrrr.....some time i also confused.....heheheheheh but if we want to do trip to Thailand ...hatyai or krabi no problem is sense of journey or food or purchase item or......sendiri mau ingat......LOL...anyway some members asking the trip to Thailand next year...for me no hal...i can arrange it just tell me where to go?Insyallah we will be there.....In hatyai i get what i want......heheheheh what is it...i show to all when raya gathering....be there......or be square.......

Post subject: Posted: 13 Oct 2008 15:57

Fadzli..isi minyak sim spanar tak menyala ke??

Post subject: Posted: 13 Oct 2008 23:19

Joe....setakat ni ok aje aku isi minyak siam RON95...no problem.....

3rd day in Krabi and the last day night in Thailand....tomorrow my last day in Thailand.....Krabi is such a nice place....good food, good scenary and good price also if not in the peak season....today went to phi phi Island trip....a long journey and worth for the time and money....will update the area of phi phi island that i visited and also to phi phi lay where the tsunami attack is the worse and killing most of the entire island and now in the process of rebuild the island.....and also is the sad day in Krabi for my family...our valueable item has been stolen from our room in duangjai resort when we are away for the Island trip...such a good resort to stay but the last day make us feel down with this resort....it is not our "rezeki"but the way the item been stolen make us afraid to stay in this duangjai resort....I've been going to most of the hotel or resort in Malaysia or oversea and this is the first time this thing happen to us.....this will make us more alert and careful next time....but for the whole vacation that has been planned by my wife is such a wonderful vacation....so guys see you back in Malaysia ....i will post the picture and story in my website so those who plan to do trip to hatyai or krabi will have the idea how to go there .....well maybe next grand TT will be in Hatyai and Krabi....I already have the idea how to do it and in low budget .....so start saving your money guys.....

Post subject: Posted: 14 Oct 2008 10:45

Laaa.. sorry to hear your lost. Dah report kat hotel mgmt ke? Tak de pampasan.. Could be keje org dlm.

Post subject: Posted: 15 Oct 2008 09:50

Back in Malaya now..this morning reach my home sweet home in KD....do another km trip from Krabi-KD total milleage 850km...suppose be back in Malaya on afternoon but need to settled the police report regarding the lost in the duangjai resort..wait the policeman to come and do the report....even we report to the management they cannot do anything....the police will invistigate and the resort will notify us later the outcome...but i don't think so we will recover back what the lost...yes it is insider job.....

for our reference ...

KL-Bukit Kayu Hitam 510km
Bukit kayu Hitam - Hatyai 40km
Hatyai-Krabi 300km

sorry farid...the route like this....
KL-Bukit kayu Hitam-Dannok-Sadao-Hatyai-Pathhalung-Krabi

for me this trip is good and i will be back in Thailand again....Hatyai or Krabi or Phuket...maybe Chiangmai or ChiangRai.....heheheh
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