Ramadhan 1433H

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Ramadhan 2012

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We now 6 years old

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ramp-it.net now 6 years old

6 years and still here and will be here . For the past 6 years so many memories, so many experience,

people come people go, old friends new friends, no more friend ,so so friend and many type of people

I've met and mingled and learnt a lot from this. For the past 6 years what I learned that it is very hard

to get  true friends through internet.

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Sg Pisang Waterfall

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Sg Pisang Selangor

By Linda Ahmad

Sg Pisang Waterfall

Hi again,

Last weekend was 2 days of relaxation after the Krabi trip.  Then these few days have been very hot and haze hits us back as it has been this time around for the past years.

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OPZON Grand Escapade IV 2012

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OPZON Goes Siam!!!!

Group Photo


Alhamdulillah syukur…. After more than 6 months of planning, the KL-Hatyai-Krabi trip is now in our past.   Although this is our 4th OGE, but each and every one gave different challenge and worry – this one is the top since the destination is far and route unfamiliar for the gang.

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Langkawi 2012

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Langkawi Island 27th Jan - 29 Jan 2012
By Linda Ahmad


Hi again, this trip was kinda adhoc as I have to redeem points earned before it expires – why should we let go and waste good free stuff right?  By the way, the free stuff was a 3 days 2 nights stay in Four Points Hotel by Sheraton in Langkawi.  Although Dear Hb always have some reservations on this particular island, but somehow I managed to convince him to go anyways – for the sake of some good chocolate and a solemn promise no Corelle, Noritake, Vision and so forth.


So, off we went to the legendary island of Langkawi early Friday morning.  The journey was smooth, wanted to stop over for breakfast in one of the member’s place in Ipoh, unfortunately, he was also on holiday.  But he suggested his brother’s place and we of course tried it out and it was superb.  Here, not only selling the normal malay breakfast stuff ie nasi lemak and kuih muih etc, but it also sells various meehoon - more to chinese style - being prepared upon request.  Then there is also another lady sells toasted bread with half-boiled eggs – either in a separate bowl or put on top of the toasted bread.  It was definitely a good breakfast.


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