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Alhamdulillah.... Praise to Allah for all the provisional and all the gifts given by Him.





The first time i attended this Public Mutual branch award back in 2014 where I was alone and knew
no one in the circle of the achievers. MasyaAllah Tabarakallah for the 4th time in the
row I am surrounded by people I know, my team, my business partners and even
people I can't remember.. Hehhehe but all of this happen for a reason and Allah plan
is the most precise in our life. Jazakallah hukhairan katsira to all the doa especially my parents,
my parents in law, my wife Linda Ahmad, my kids, my siblings and those around me and
also to all my investors that have given me their trust in handling their investments. In sha Allah
my agency ramp-it..... I'm Good Agency and all of our investors will grow together for the best future ahead....



Mohd Fadzli Bin Hj Abd Rahman 0162028307

Founder of
Be Good........ I'm Good
ramp-it...... I'm Good Agency

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