Bidong Island 2018

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Bidong Island Terengganu June 2018 Syawal 1439H


Bidong 1

Orang raya jumpa orang - kita raya pi jumpa ikan ahahaha. Well, after a few days of raya, made rounds to our relatives places, we decided to make a trip to Terengganu for a short snorkeling trip. Made quite a number of phone calls and messages enquiring on availabilities, but all has been taken and fully booked.  So our only option was to take up day trip snorkeling only.  Knowing that almost all of Terengganu islands would be swamped with people, we decided to try our luck on a less popular one.

For accommodation, we’ve selected ESCAPE BED N BEACH which is located Kg Bari Besar Setiu which is only about 15-20 mins away from the jetty. We stayed in a very nice 2 room apartment like homestay which is quite new, very well appointed and maintained and with a relaxing view of the beach




Alhamdulillah after a very blissful rest and sleep, the next morning we made our way to the jetty - can’t wait to go to this unknown island.  But before reaching the area, we tried our luck on catching some fishes for a while. Alhamdulillah we were granted with great weather throughout our wonderful trip. Thanks to our boatman who caught all of the fishes - kita orang maintain je jadi tourist ahahahah.

Bidong Island - although this particular island is neighboring the famous Terengganu islands like Perhentian, Redang and Lang Tengah, this little island is still quite unknown to the public.  This is mainly due to its history whereby it gave safe shelter to thousands of vietnamese who fled from their country and it was closed for the public until a few years ago.

Alhamdulillah we managed to make a trip to this quaint island - no one is allowed to overnight on the island.  On that day, we were the only people on that island.  For your information, this island is being taken care a few parties to ensure the waters, fishes and corals are safe and will strive healthily around this island.   One of them is the local university - Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.  My lovely daughter Farah Nadhirah had a great chance and time here in Bidong Island when she participated in Sea Survival Programme when she was studying in UMT.  There are a few other parties that organizes trips to plant the corals.  There is an underwater gallery where they sank down the whole bus, excavator and a few other items to form an artificial homes for the corals to live and grow.  The underwater gallery would be best enjoyed by diving - but we have to settle for snorkeling for now :) These great efforts are very very appreciated and commendable : when we went underwater even only for snorkeling, we could see a lot of new corals and even some beautiful graceful sea fans which we have never seen on any of our previous snorkeling trips on the neighbouring islands as well as the few snorkeling spots in the south of Thailand.

We hope that this island will maintain its pristine and those lovely corals and fishes would grow and flourish for the future generation.  We hope everyone would put some effort to ensure that we do not contribute to the corals destructions.

Till next time.. care for the world for the sake of our kids...

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