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Clarification regarding this web site that I call ramp-it.net.  

Early this year (2006) I have a plan to have my own website since the response on my accessories has been very good. So one of my friend introduce me to this web designer guy not one but 4 of them in one company. When we were discussing the idea and concept of the website, we also discussed on any suitable web site names, one of which was “rempit”.


Since the name “rempit” synonyms to “mat rempit” I feel that it is not promoting the products that I am selling and also this is not a healthy activity.  Therefore, after much deliberation, I have opted the word ramp which gives the meaning of 1. A sloping surface joining two different levels, 2. A transverse ridge in a road to control the speed of vehicles, just name a few. And to make it catchier due to current hot topic of “mat rempit” the additional “it” words has been added on.

However, due to budget constraint and in exercising my customer’s right to choose the best rate and service, I did not proceed this with them.  Subsequently I found someone that is very able to help me to build my own website that is within my budget and also coaching me to maintain and moderate the website on my own. 

Regarding Remp-It movie that was shown recently, please take note that this is just coincidental that it was launched more or less the same timing as my website.  Anyway, just to let you know, the director of this movie, Ahmad Idham was my schoolmate in Sek. Ren Jln Gurney 1, Kuala Lumpur.  If any of you have the chance of meeting him, may be you could just ask him, do you know Pali? I am sure he would say of course I know him …  

Anyway, back to the subject, please take note that this website has absolutely no affiliation with any persons or companies.  This website is totally my idea, my money, all my time spent and of course with the help of the programmer (he has asked me not to mention his name).   Therefore, any person who claims to have anything to do with this is all false.  For your information, any companies or products featured in my website is being included for free, I have never asked for any such payments nor have I ever thought of asking anyway.  This is just my way of helping fellow friends who are into small business that might need some help in promoting their products.  Unfortunately, this has been wrongly perceived by some people for which I am very disappointed.   

Personally, I do not care what other people is saying.  As long as whatever I do is on the right path based on our religious teachings – I am sure that we will be given the blessings in this world and afterlife, insyaAllah. 

Wassalam … 

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