About Us

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Alhamdullilah at last I have my own web site. This website will not be in place if there is no help and full support from people that I love and so much I adore that is my lovely wife Noorazlinda Ahmad, my beautiful princess Nur Farah Nadhirah and my two princes Nur Fariz Affendy & Nur Fariz Aqashah.Also to my parents, my inlaws, my sisters and my brothers in law.The sacrifise, the thought,the idea,the support that I can’t forget.May ALLAH bless all of them. 

My thanks also to all my friends especially Hifni from PROCC, Hezeri from CBT for promoting me in his CBT, my sifu Radzali who teach me the knowledge about the technical aspects of the car, my friends Donny that give me oppurtunity and trust me,Azhari(Abong), members from mychevyclub.com and those that i can't listed here because too many of them.Thank you for supporting me.....

The idea to have this website is to promoting my products and others products. To have the real networking not only selling but helping each others to get the branded and quality products that we can afford. Also to provide some knowledge about cars or maybe bikes...As u all can see my products will not specifically for automotive but also for family like educations and will be more products coming soon.

A lot of thing i want to do in this website but for now it is like this...i will upgrading it by time to time..Any idea or comment is most welcome....so enjoy my web site.......