Ticket To The Moon

Since I will no longer bringing in accessories for cars and will only be doing this for my own personal use and close friends,I would now like to present to all my new business venture,
not MLM business (coz I don't trust MLM ) more to outdoor products. The quality of the
products that made me interested and also about the price that for me is within the
budget for most Malaysian.

Presenting to all The Ticket To The Moon Parachute Hammock


Anytime, anyhow, everywhere...Enjoy hammocking!

Originally created by Ticket To The Moon, tested in all climates around the world since 1996.
The parachute hammock was made by travellers for travellers. A comfortable sleep in ideal protection from insects and small reptiles, it can replace your tent: lightweight, strong, foldable, the hammock sets up in less than a minute, is rot-resistant and quick to dry (machine washable 30°C).
Ideal for camping, trekking and any outdoor activities.
Remember: hammocking is usually authorised where camping is forbidden
Made of high grade parachute material (100% nylon, skin friendly tested), which his elasticity adjusts perfectly your body and with stainless steel hook for fast setting, our hammocks are ideal for any travel occasional, relaxation and everyday nap. Pick your size (Single, Double, King Size or Kids) and pick the pouch type (Original or MoonHammock).


The Products and Price

1. Compact Hammock (parachute silk)
- ropes with hooks included RM160.00
- ropes with hooks & carabiners included RM170.00

2. Moon Hammock (parachute silk)

- KID ( 1 color , stainless hooks) RM100.00*
- SINGLE ( 1 color , stainless hooks) RM140.00*

- SINGLE ( 2 color , stainless hooks) RM165.00*
- DOUBLE ( 2 color , stainless hooks) RM220.00*
- SiNGLE Hammock , camouflage RM185.00*
* ropes not included

3. Fixing ropes - Nautical ropes,1 pair (2 X 5 m) RM35.00

4. Mosquito Net 360° (81 holes/cm3) RM220.00

5. Moon Chair
- Parachute Silk Hammock Chair (kids) RM150.00

- Parachute Silk Hammock Chair (adults) RM300.00

6. Beach Blanket
- 2 color parachute silk blanket ( 210 X 210 cm) RM120.00

7. Eco-friendly bags
- foldable Keyring Bag RM15.00

- foldable Market Bag RM20.00
- Foldable supermarket Bag RM30.00

8. Pocket Frisbee
- Foldable parachute silk pocket Frisbee RM35.00

Those interested can order from me by phone ,text or email. Payment can be made by online or COD.

My no. 016-2028307 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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