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Maxflow Kit


Introducing the new version of maxflow. Bigger than the previuos one. Price RM550/set.

Please be advised that we are now able to receive payment for any purchases via secured paypal.

Please email us your order, we will respond to you with the payment particulars and instruction to :-

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I've been using this brand for the last 4 years after using others brand in the market.

This brand is made in Germany and using special foam and for me the performance is better.

This RaidHp brand is not known by most Malaysian because people not knowing of the existing

of this brand.


First I’m using drop in filter to replace the original filter and I can see the different when acceleration and fuel consumption. Satisfied with the drop in I upgraded to another level using performance kit. The performance kit is better than drop in and I want some more performance and change again to MaxFlow kit. With this MaxFlow open pod kits universal to any cars. I have no problem with any condition of the road. Give me any hill or straight road sure I give others car run for their money.

Available to most of continental cars.

Last Updated ( Friday, 08 June 2012 17:43 )